At K.B. Passage, we believe that the heart of our success lies in the dedication, expertise, and collaboration of our team. We employ 25 professionals, including technical designers, cutters, seamstresses, ironers. Every member of our organization plays a crucial role in delivering outstanding service and quality to our clients. Get to know the individuals who make up our diverse and talented team.



Kristi – Sales manager

Kristi has been a part of the clothing production industry for 27 years. Her enthusiasm and optimism form the foundation of our long-term, successful relationships within the industry, ensuring that every product development and production process runs smooth and leaves our clients satisfied.


Kristi – Technologist-production manager

Kristi oversees our production processes, advises clients on technological questions and makes sure that all client specifications are met during production. With more than 20 years of experience in clothing production, Kristi successfully ensures that every product leaving our facility aligns with the client’s desires and requirements.



Aune -  Technical designer, Optitex

With over 30 years of experience as a technical designer, Aune brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Her expertise with various product types and fabrics allows her to approach each client individually, creating patterns that always fit well and are in line with the client's vision.



Silvi – Meister

Silvi is in charge of our daily production, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and is on schedule on the production floor. She places great importance on preventing errors in production. With her cheerfulness and positive outlook on life, Silvi creates a pleasant and productive atmosphere in the production room.



Anneli – Stock manager

Anneli manages our stock and warehouse, ensuring that all fabrics and additional materials are correctly assembled and ready for production. She performs the final quality check before the goods leave our factory. Anneli's extensive experience in the industry and with our company has equipped her with a deep understanding of each client's unique preferences and requirements.


Why our team stands out


We believe in the power of teamwork - our entire team works together in a single location in Tallinn. Our cooperative approach ensures that each project and product is completed successfully and in accordance with the client’s wishes. We encourage our employees to be involved in every process, allowing everyone to contribute their expertise to the creation of high-quality, beautiful products.



Our team is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our work. Every stitch, seam, and design element reflects our promise of quality and our commitment to producing garments that not only fit well but also stand the test of time.



Our team is composed of professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the clothing industry. This diversity enables us to find the perfect solution for every challenge, ensuring that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


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Kristi – Sales manager

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Kristi – Technologist-production manager

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