Our story

K.B. Passage is a family-owned company based in Tallinn, Estonia. Founded in 2011 by Kristin Benjamin, the company is now jointly led by Jaanus and Kirke Britt Benjamin. Their leadership has brought a blend of innovation and tradition, keeping the company's founding vision alive while steering it towards a dynamic future.

With a dream of manufacturing quality womenswear and leading innovation within the Estonian clothing production industry, Kristin laid a strong foundation for the company. Her vision and dedication have ensured K.B. Passage's growth and success over the years. Today, the company has not only expanded its product categories but also its team and industry knowledge, continually enhancing its expertise. This growth reflects our commitment to excellence and our aim to continue advancing along this path.

The true strength of K.B. Passage lies in the extensive experience of our dedicated team. With a staff of 25, many of whom have worked together for over a decade, we ensure seamless, high-quality teamwork. Our team’s long-standing collaboration fosters a harmonious working environment, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project we undertake.

The philosophy of K.B. Passage is rooted in integrity, flexibility, quality, and creativity. These core values are the cornerstone of our operations, fostering sustainable and cooperative relationships within the industry. We believe that integrity builds trust, flexibility allows us to adapt to our clients' needs, quality ensures customer satisfaction, and creativity drives innovation. These principles guide us in every step of our journey, helping us create apparel that not only meets but exceeds expectations.