KB Passage Mannequins

We’re offering you an unbeatable chance to order uniforms for your company from Avenue’s NOS collection. Additional items from the collection – whose name stands for ‘never out of stock’ – can be ordered at any time.

K.B. Passage is working hard to develop its Avenue trademark. Alongside fashion collections, Avenue offers a line of classic, timeless black-and-white clothing.

The fabric we use is a fantastic blend of polyester (48%), viscose (48%) and spandex (4%). The spandex gives the fabric some stretch, ensuring maximum comfort when worn, while the polyester extends its wear life and the viscose adds a touch of skin-friendly luxury.

The Avenue NOS collection includes trousers with various cuts as well as jackets, skirts, blouses and tops.

Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll be happy to send you more detailed information about the collection.

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