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K.B. PASSAGE OÜ was founded in the summer of 2011 by Kristin Benjamin. She and her long-time cooperation partner Tapani Penttilä have given the company a strong foundation with their specialised experience and close friendship.

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ produces its own brand of women’s clothing and additionally offers clothing production and product development services. We organise all stages of the production process that lie between the fashion sketch and the clothing retailer.

Our clients include unique fashion designers, designers seeking to produce a small series, as well as large-scale clients developing private label products.

We also offer clothing production services to customers abroad. We work in Estonian, Finnish and English.

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ’s strength lies in the team’s extensive experience in clothing production. The company employs 24 people. Many of our employees have worked together for over 10 years, and this ensures smooth-running, high-quality teamwork.

Since autumn 2011 we have also been developing our own brand Avenue (www.avenuefashion.eu).

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ’s philosophy is honesty, flexibility, quality and inspiration. These positive values embrace sustainable cooperative relationships in the apparel industry.

KB Passage About
KB Passage About

Get in touch with us at info@kbpassage.ee. We will answer you within a workday.

We will meet your exact needs and come up with the best solutions for bringing your idea to life.