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Women’s clothing: production and product development

K.B. PASSAGE OÜ offers women’s clothing production and product development services to anyone who has an idea for creating quality clothing items.

It’s every clothing designer’s dream to create a magical product – a fashion collection that makes its wearer happy, both year-round and in the right season.

Clothing: from sketch to shop

We offer services that lie between the fashion sketch and the clothing retailer:

- pattern development
- sample sewing
- costing
- ordering materials
- manufacturing garments
- transportation

Tailored to your needs

We are the right partner for you if you find yourself wondering about any of the following:

- pattern development
- sewing clothing
- production of women’s clothing – light clothing, outer garments
- clothing trademark development
- private label production
- sewing uniforms

Get in touch with us at info@kbpassage.ee. We will answer you within a workday.

We will meet your exact needs and come up with the best solutions for bringing your idea to life.